eCrossCulture has trained U.S. and foreign militaries and social scientists in instructor-led sessions. Training can be performed at your organization's site or at our Colorado facility.

Individual Culture Training

This training involves: reading nonverbal behavior; taking another's perspective; cross-cultural communication; rapport building; and emotion regulation. It is taught by cross-cultural communication experts who have taught hundreds of military personnel from young and inexperienced lieutenants to full colonels. It supplements the instructor-led training with contextual video.


This training involves: teaching effectively in other cultures; cross-cultural communication; and rapport building. It uses video vignettes, critical incidents, and judgment tasks.

Aid and Economic Development

This training involves: conducting needs assessments; identifying projects; and evaluation. It ensures that the whole-of-community benefits. Some specific issues include corruption, short/medium/long term effects, and risk. A noted graduate level instructor and two PhD cohorts teach classes ranging from 6 to 20 hours.